Angel Strings vol.1 by Auddict

Angel Strings vol.1 by Auddict


Introducing Angel Strings Vol.1 – the ultimate music composition and production tool that brings unprecedented innovation to your creative process. This groundbreaking library captures the essence of a string orchestra in a way that has never been done before, providing you with a wealth of new possibilities at your fingertips.

Featuring never-before-sampled articulations and techniques, Angel Strings Vol.1 offers a vast array of elements to enhance your compositions. From textural elements that seamlessly morph into and out of atonality, to tension-building risers and divebombs perfect for trailer music, this library covers it all. Explore different styles of spiccato and staccato, marcato to soft attacks with sustains, and fast tempo-locked tremolo for powerful driving string hooks.

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Angels Strings Vol.1


Music composition and production is constantly evolving, and the tools used to create music need to evolve along with this. The concept for this library involved capturing colours from a string orchestra which have not yet been recorded for any sample library, and place them at your fingertips, ready to compose and perform with.

Angel Strings Vol.1 Includes textural elements, morphing into/out from atonality, risers/divebombs ideal for building tension (for example in trailer music), different styles of spiccato/staccato, marcato to soft attacks with sustains, fast tempo-locked tremolo for powerful driving string hooks and more…

The techniques and articulations available in Angel Strings Vol.1 were cleverly recorded with the entire string orchestra in the same room all at once, in a way that seamlessly blends from the bottom of the range (double basses) to the highest violin notes. You can play the entire orchestra with each articulation across a single keyboard with a single NKI, making this library perfect for anything from merely sketching your ideas out on a full keyboard range – to easily executing unique parts for your final compositions.


• 36+ GB and 36,000+ Samples
• Never Before Sampled Articulations and Techniques
• Entire String Orchestra Playable from a Single Large Keyboard Range
• Perform and Use Individual Sections if Required
• Kontakt VST / AU / AAX (full version only)
• 11 Microphone Positions – Flexibility of a Real-Life Film Scoring Session
• Violins I, Violins II, Violas, Cellos and Double Basses
• Multiple Crossfade-able Dynamic Layers
• Up to a Massive 15RR Repetitions Per Note for Short Articulations• Includes Cluster to Unison slides, Tonal Divebombs (smooth/accent/trem), Risers, Marcato/Sus, Percussive Hits, Scratch Tone, Slides/Bends, Staccatissimo, Sul Pont Sus & Trem, Sul Tast Staccato, Behind Bridge Trem & Sus, Timbre Oscillations, Tempo Locked Timed Tremolo and more…

This library was recorded at Angel Studios in London, where countless pop/rock stars have recorded (notably Adele’s “21”), and many major film and video game scores have been recorded, including The Lion King, Jackie, Blue Planet, Planet Earth, Horizon: Zero Dawn and many more…

Recording Engineer – Jeremy Murphy (Credits Include Film Scores: Green Zone, Jackie, The Illusionist and Albums by Sam Smith, Adele and more)
Pro Tools Engineer – Scott Bradley



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