Noize Bundle by Sick Noise Instruments

Noize Bundle by Sick Noise Instruments


Protogon Horizon: Step into the future with Protogon Horizon, a cutting-edge, hi-tech cinematic library designed for electronic music genres like Psytrance, Dubstep, and HighTech, as well as cinematic tracks and trailers. Boasting over 8 GB of unique and inspiring sounds, Protogon Horizon is not just a library but a powerful synth, giving you full control over sounds. Explore categories like Ambience Pads, Booms, Clap, Snare FXs, Synths, and more, with main controls for sound manipulation, ADSR envelope, filters, LFO, and a comprehensive effects panel. Compatible with both PC and MAC, this library requires Native Instruments KONTAKT version 5.8.1 or newer.

Electro Fuzz: Dive into the cyberpunk realm with ElectroFuzz, a sample-based synth inspired by CyberPunk games, crafted for Native Instruments Kontakt. This library, perfect for cyberpunk enthusiasts, offers 10 categories of high-quality sounds, including Bass Sequences, Beats, Synths, and more. With main controls for sound manipulation, ADSR envelope, filters, LFO, and a versatile effects panel, ElectroFuzz empowers your production process. It comes with 21 Bass Midis, over 600 high-quality samples, and works on both Windows and Mac platforms, requiring Kontakt 5.8.1 or a newer version.

NoizeBreaker: Unleash the future with NoizeBreaker, a futuristic Sci-Fi SFX library by Sick Noise Instruments. Inspired by robots, transformers, and aliens, NoizeBreaker delivers high-quality samples for trailers, games, animations, and various electronic music genres. With categories like Drones, Impacts, Robotic Footsteps, and more, this library provides over 200 high-quality samples. The main controls include sound manipulation, ADSR envelope, filters, LFO, and a range of effects. NoizeBreaker is compatible with both Mac and PC and allows easy integration with your DAW through drag-and-drop functionality. Full Kontakt version 5.8.1 or higher is required for optimal performance.

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Its Hi Tech Futuristic Dark Industrial Cinematic Library also usefull for many genres as Psytrance,
Dubstep,HighTech and many more electronic music genres.Also it can be used in cinematic tracks and
trailers .

Protogon Horizon delivers truly unique and inspiring sounds and it has more then 8 GB of sound.
Protogon is not only library its also a synth.Whit Protogon you have full contorl of sounds.

Protogon Horizon categories:

  • 9 – Ambience Pads
  • 6 – Bass
  • 12 – Booms
  • 10 – Brams
  • 30 – Clap,Snare FXs Impacts
  • 30 – Long Downers
  • 30 – Short Downers
  • 9 – Machine Downers
  • 24 – Hits
  • 21 – Kick Machine Impacts
  • 6 – Kicks
  • 15 – Machine FX
  • 10 – Pads
  • 10 – Pulses
  • 12 – Reverse Rizers
  • 30 – Long Rizers
  • 30 – Short Rizers
  • 20 – Synths

Protogon Horizon Main Controls:

Sound Control: Pitch,Semi,Pan,Volume

ADSR Envelope: Attack,Decay,Sustain,Release

Filter: Cutoff,Resonance,Gain

LFO: Rate,Depth

Waveforms(Sine,Triangle,Pulse,Ramp down,Ramp Up,Random)

Unison: Voices,Detune,Spread

Effects Panel:

Protogon has 5 effects:

Reverb: Pre Delay,Size,Colour,Dump,Stereo

Delay: Time,Dump,Pan,Feedback

Flanger: Depth,Speed,Phase,Feedback

Phaser: Depth,Speed,Phase,Feedback

Distortion: Volume,Tone,Drive


Host software / DAW
8.6GB free disk space
Modern CPU
Native Instruments KONTAKT version 5.8.1 or newer
Works at PC and MAC



ElectroFuzz is a sample based synth developed for Native Instruments Kontakt. It is inspired by CyberPunk Game.If you are a fan of this game as well as this genre, this library will inspire you to make great cyberpunk tracks like pro.This Kontakt Library will improve and speed up your production process.Inside you will find 10 categories high quality sounds as well as midi files for bass.


1. Bass Sequences – 21 (7 -90bpm, 7 – 95bpm , 7 – 100 bpm)
2. Bass One Shoot – 5
3. Beats – 3
4. Synths – 10
5. Impacts – 21
6. Risers – 21
7. Falls – 21
8. Plucks – 3
9. Pads – 7
10.Machine Impacts- 28

21 Bass Midis

ELECTROFUZZ MAIN CONTROLS:                                         

Sound Control: Pitch -Tune – Pan – Volume – Glide – Velocity – Spread

ADSR Envelope: Attack – Decay – Sustain – Release

Filter: Cutoff – Resonance – Gain

LFO: Rate – Depth – Waveforms ( Sine, Triangle, Pulse, Ramp down, Ramp Up, Random)

Waveform Screen: Start point slider.Control where sample will start to play


Distortion: Drive – Dump

Flanger: Depth – Speed – Phase – Colour – Feedback

Phaser: Depth – Speed – Phase – Feedback

Delay: Time – Dump – Pan – Feedback

Reverb: Pre Delay – Size – Colour – Dump – Stereo


  • Over 600 high quality samples (24bit – 44.100kHz)
  • Full verision  required Kontakt 5.8.1 or newer version.Not for Kontakt Player
  • 10 different categories
  • 1.63 Gb Size (Unpacked)
  • Win and Mac


NoizeBreaker Kontakt Library by Sick Noise Instruments.Futuristic Sci-Fi SFX library inspired by robots, transformers, aliens…
In this library you will find high quality samples ready for your production. It is useful for trailers, games, animations as well
as for various genres of electronic music that have futuristic and scifi elements like psytrance,hightech psytrance,techno,dubstep…
Inside NoizeBreaker  you can find Weapons,Glitches,Robotic SFX,Signals.Robotic Footsteps,Drones,Impacts,Signals,Shut-downs and more.
Its possible to use wave samples from NoizeBreaker as drag and drop in your DAW.


Downers – 12
Drones -12
Glitches –  12
Impacts – 36
Robotic Footsteps -17
Shut-Downs -24
Signals – 16
Robotic SFX -34
Transform SFX – 24
Weapons – 24


Sound Control: Pitch,Semi,Pan,Volume

ADSR Envelope:Attack,Decay,Sustain,Release


LFO:Rate,Depth,Waveforms(Sine, Triangle, Pulse, Ramp down, Ramp Up, Random)

Unison: Voices,Detune,Spread


Reverb:Pre Delay,Size,Colour,Dump,Stereo




Distortion: Volume,Tone,Drive


> More then 200 high quality samples
> 5 effects – reverb,delay,phaser,flanger,distortion
> Works at Mac and Pc
> Usefull for tralers,games,any kind of electronic music
> Drag and drop samples in to your DAW
> Full Kontakt (version 5.8.1 or higher)







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