POST NUCLEAR by Spektralisk


POST NUCLEAR by Spektralisk

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Transform your music with Post Nuclear, a versatile preset collection designed for Native Instruments Kontour, a Reaktor-based instrument. Available in NKS presets and Reaktor snapshot bank formats, this collection is ideal for cinematic, trailer, film, and game music.

With a focus on dark, harsh, cold, and sinister sounds, Post Nuclear also offers a range of tones to craft your next horror track, dark sci-fi composition, or post-apocalyptic dark ambient music. The presets are highly expressive and customizable, allowing you to create unique alterations with ease.

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Post Nuclear is a collection of presets for Native Instruments Kontour, Reaktor-based instrument. It comes in two formats: NKS presets (recommended) and Reaktor snapshot bank.

Sounds included in this library are aimed mainly at cinematic/trailer/film/game music. Post Nuclear is oriented towards dark, harsh, cold and sinister sounds but also offers everything else in between. Ideal for crafting your next horror track, dark sci-fi composition or post apocalyptic dark ambient music.

Included presets are highly expressive and customisable with the use of macros. There is a lot of experimental sounds inside and you can quickly and easily create your own alterations.


  • Atmospheric (36)
  • FX (60)
  • Hits (11)
  • Keys (14)
  • Pads (24)
  • Rises and Builds (33)


The only requirement is the you have Native Instruments Reaktor and Kontour authorised with Native Access. For requirements of these instruments, please refer to Native Instruments website.



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