Resomonia by Rigid Audio


Resomonia by Rigid Audio


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Introducing Resomonia: 128 resonating instruments for Kontakt. Featuring six preset categories, high-quality effects, and over 1400 source sounds, it offers a rich sonic palette for your compositions. Unlock the full potential with Kontakt 6.4.2 or higher.


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Experience the ethereal depths of sound with Resomonia, a meticulously crafted collection of 128 “high-resonance” textures and soundscapes for Kontakt. Each instrument is delicately tuned to evoke melodious tones by manipulating the cutoff frequency of a filter, offering a truly immersive musical experience.

Key Features:

  • 128 factory presets curated for immediate inspiration.
  • Six distinct preset categories: ambient, hybrid, pad, plucked, soundscape, and wind, ensuring versatility across various musical styles.
  • Crafted from over 1400 source wav sounds, meticulously selected to deliver rich, dynamic textures.
  • High-quality onboard effects including reverb enhance the sonic landscape, while a unique “chime” effect adds depth and character.
  • Explore unique interference and fluctuation effects, adding complexity and intrigue to your compositions.

Resomonia provides 1.4 GB of meticulously crafted content, delivering a wealth of sonic possibilities. Unlock the full potential of this library with Kontakt 6.4.2 or higher (not compatible with Kontakt Player), and immerse yourself in a world of resonating beauty.



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