Philthy by Phuturetone

Philthy by Phuturetone


Philthy is a virtual analog synthesizer crafted for Reaktor by Native Instruments. It boasts three oscillators alongside noise and external input capabilities. With its ADSR envelope, robust filter, and ring modulator, it offers a rich palette of sonic possibilities. Featuring two outputs, Philthy provides flexibility in routing. Its standout feature is the routing matrix, enabling users to creatively interconnect its various components. Additionally, it includes an XY joystick and a lush reverb effect for added depth.

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Philthy is an analog synthesizer designed for Reaktor by Native Instruments. Its main features include 3 oscillators plus noise and external input capabilities. It boasts an ADSR envelope, a simple yet powerful filter, and a ring modulator. With two outputs, it offers versatility in routing. What truly sets this synth apart is its matrix, allowing you to creatively interconnect all its features. Additionally, it features an XY joystick and a lush reverb effect.

Virtual Analog Synthesizer
by Phuturetone
Version 1.0


Sound and control sources can be routed directly to audio output. Play at reasonable levels until you get some experience with the instrument.

ROUTING MATRIX is essential. No sound will be heard unless some source is routed to one of the outputs.

By default, OSC 3 FREQ is in low range (LFO). Routing KEY TRACKING to OSC 3 FREQ will make OSC 3 pitch range similar to the other two OSCs.

ENVELOOP behaves differently than a standard synth envelope. In LOOP mode, it will play constantly regardless a key is pressed or not. NOTE ON signal retrigs the ENVELOOP. To turn the LOOP OFF set the ENVELOOP REST control to maximum, the ENVELOOP will then behave more like a standard synth envelope.

REVERB FEEDBACK modification can be accessed from PANEL B.

Switch to PANEL B to:
– View OSCs & FILTER FREQ in semitones
– View ENVELOOP times in milliseconds


Reaktor 6 and newer



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